10 creative event ideas for your business

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Make the most of the next event that your business hosts, with creative ideas that attendees will find interesting, engaging and fun.

We’ve all been to an event that has been all seriousness and very little pleasure. You probably want to forget it.

It’s also likely that you didn’t learn much there. Most education professionals will agree that optimal learning occurs when an experience engages people’s emotions as well as their intellect.

It therefore makes sense to employ creative ideas at your next event, to ensure participants enjoy every minute and remember it for years to come.

Here are 10 ideas to consider:

  1. A big welcome. You only get one chance to make a great impression, so don't be modest with the signage delegates see when they first arrive to register. It doesn’t hurt to have lots of colour, sound and perhaps even great scents. You’re allowed to be a bit ‘over the top’ in the generosity of your welcome.

  2. Event t-shirts. An event t-shirt, with an innovative design, is something your event staff (and perhaps delegates as well) can wear at different times. It can help promote the event in the preceding weeks. It can give people a feeling of belonging and camaraderie during the event. It can also give the wearer a feeling of nostalgia afterward, encouraging them to attend the next event you promote.

  3. Branded food. Cupcakes or biscuits that feature the logo of the event or your business are likely to be eaten with relish. Before consumption, however, many attendees are likely to photograph them and post the images on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  4. Message board. One way to encourage interaction and expression during an event is to set up a large message (or graffiti) board that people can write on, at any time, with their thoughts about the event or related issues. You can even direct the contributions with a pre-written introduction to each comment, such as ‘What success means to me …’.

  5. Live blogging. A rolling feed of textual reporting on your website can provide up-to-the-minute coverage of your event to those who are unable to attend. This will generate additional interest, in real time, and encourage people to attend your future events.

  6. Live podcast. If your business has a regular podcast, why not record an episode at the event? Attendees can watch the production process and perhaps even participate.

  7. Sponsored keynote speaker. Your business may not be able to afford to pay a high-profile speaker to deliver the keynote address. But a third-party sponsor may. In exchange, you can include the sponsor’s message or branding at the beginning and end of the address, as well as in other collateral such as the event program.

  8. Gamification. Why not turn one or more of the event presentations into a game, or even a game show, with a quiz master, contestants, audience interaction and prizes? You can test attendees’ existing knowledge about a specific topic and, in the process, have fun helping them fill in the gaps.

  9. This is a tool that can help you facilitate live surveys or polls and display social media posts specific to your event hashtag, all in one place (go to

  10. Digital business cards and QR codes on name badges. With these, your delegates can simply scan the code of someone they meet to connect with them on LinkedIn, all with a single click.

Is your business planning an event? Contact Momentum Connect to see how we can help.

10 creative event ideas for your business
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