How a podcast can help your business

How a podcast can help your business
Peter-John Lewis

 If you’re serious about content marketing, podcasting is a format you shouldn’t ignore.

Podcasts have been around for many years. For most of this time, in content marketing circles, they were considered a ‘poor cousin’ of other channels or formats such as blogs and social media.

In the last couple of years, however, podcasts have experienced a resurgence, as people have discovered they can listen while simultaneously undertaking other tasks, such as driving, exercise and even housework. The same cannot be said about reading blog posts or viewing videos.

Research from the United States has revealed that 44 per cent of the US population has now listened to a podcast, that podcast listeners are mostly loyal, affluent and educated, and that 80 per cent of listeners tune in to an average seven shows per week.

The Smart Property Investment podcast

An example of how a podcast can capture the attention and imagination of a defined target audience is Momentum Media’s Smart Property Investment podcast, which first went to air in November 2015.

In 2018, the Smart Property Investment Podcast Network reached 1 million listeners… and counting.

It shows that Momentum is delivering the right content to an audience of property investors who are hungry for the best insights and advice, presented in a format that informs, entertains, inspires and saves time.

The network now comprises three shows – The Smart Property Investment Show, Investing Insights and Property Showcase.

Phillip Tarrant, who is both a director of Momentum and host of The Smart Property Investment Show, believes that reaching over a million listeners is a big win for the community of property investors that the podcast network serves.

“Our audience is a community of investors who crave the right information,” Mr Tarrant said.

“We share the stories of all types of investors – from those who have just one property to professionals who have 50. Everyone can learn from them. Everyone can grow and evolve through that learning.

“It’s clear that we’ve hit the right note with our property investment podcasts. They’re now downloaded an average 70,000-75,000 times each month, with 5,000-6,000 average downloads of each episode. We’ve experienced a 125 per cent increase in downloads, year-on-year, and there have even been over 50,000 downloads internationally since January this year.”

Momentum is increasingly turning to podcasting as a way of reaching audiences in several different sectors. The company now produces podcast shows associated with media titles such as Mortgage Business, The Adviser, Lawyers Weekly, Defence Connect and Accountants Daily, with others on the drawing board.

Podcasting and your business

Given the format’s undeniable potential to engage listeners, podcasting is something your business should probably consider.

To begin with, it is generally easier and less expensive to create a podcast than it is to produce a video. You don’t even need a finely-tuned script, as podcast listeners often prefer a more casual, conversational structure.

You can also repurpose, and expand on, some of the content from your other channels. For example, a podcast episode can simply be a discussion of the points summarised in one of your recent blog posts.

All you really need, to begin with, is a good quality microphone and headphones. You can also find free software that will enable you to edit your recording to a reasonably professional standard.


Do you want to find out more about podcasting? Contact Momentum Connect to see how we can help.


How a podcast can help your business
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