Seamless content drives sales

Seamless content drives sales
Maja Garaca Djurdjevic

A majority of Aussies abandon their shopping carts based on annoying experiences with brand websites, such as wordy, poorly written, or poorly designed content.

When purchasing goods, Australians make decisions based on the quality and personalisation of their shopping experience, Adobe says in its 2019 Brand Content Report.

More than half of Aussies (58 per cent) admit that they are discouraged from making a purchase by annoying situations with brand websites.

Wordy and poorly written text tops the ‘most annoying’ list, with 40 per cent of respondents admitting that poor quality content turns them away from a brand.

Poorly designed content follows with 29 per cent, while old or stale content drives away an incredible 28 per cent of consumers.

On the contrary, more than one in three (37 per cent) acknowledge that personalised content leads to a purchase.

But content needs to be more than entertaining to be effective and drive sales conversion. It needs to be delivered seamlessly.

“Personalised and quality content can make or break a shopping experience, which is key for customer experience management. Brands lacking engaging, personalised content are putting customer loyalty and purchases at risk,” said Scott Rigby, APAC head of Digital Transformation at Adobe.

According to Adobe’s findings, most consumers are looking for accurate (33 per cent) and informative (24 per cent) content.

Additionally, 22 per cent of Australians value simplicity, while only 9 per cent find entertaining posts most appealing.

But smooth technical execution is vital too.

Consumers don't show mercy, with more than half confessing that they would abandon a brand over technical difficulties. 

Australians rank technical issues, such as problems with images (59 per cent), loading times (58 per cent) and resolutions (58 per cent), as most discouraging. 

Interestingly, men are more likely than women to stop what they are doing if they are having trouble interacting with the content on their device.

With so many factors influencing shoppers, content producers need to stay attuned to customers’ needs and wants.

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Seamless content drives sales
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